Daily Use Items

Items for Daily Use

Dry Food

Wet Food

Rice Fish and chicken
Sugar Eggs
Condensed Milk Fish ball and Tauhu
Soft Drinks Chinese cabbage and round cabbage
Nestum for adults (with honey) Cauliflower (kobis bunga)
Salt & Sugar Sawi
Biscuits Carrot
Botan Sardine (residents only prefer this brand) Long Beans
Garlic / onions / potatoes French beans
Baba’s Fish / meat / chili curry powders Taugeh
Buah Keras Radish
Milo / Tea / Nescafe Eggplant (terung)
Cooking oil Ayam Chicken stock
Maggie Mee - soup and curry  
Dry Chilli  

Medical Supplies

Medicated Gel
Bad-sore Cream
 Syringes: Used for medicine & giving milk

Household items

Adult Diapers - sizes M & L
Children's Diapers - XL
Insect Spray - Ridsect / Bygone
Toilet issue and facial tissue
Wet tissue
Shower bathing shampoo (goat’s ingredient is better for the residents)
Washing Machine Detergent
Washing Dishes Detergent
Colgate / Febreeze / air perfume sprays 
Hair shampoo


Ensure milk
Plain milk