Daily Use Items

Monthly Estimated Budget

Our monthly estimated budget only increases yearly. It has been difficult and trying to keep afloat but with the generosity of the caring public it is still manageable. We look forward to your continuous support.

Monthly Estimated Expenditure

Store Rental  RM 500
Centre’s Rental RM 450
Telephone Bills (land line and internet) RM 450
Utility Bills (electricity, water, astro) RM 2,200
Van Rental/Petrol/Maintenance RM 900
Stationery RM 150
Medical (pharmacy)  RM 500
Staff Wages RM 12,000
Physiotherapist RM 1,200
Diapers RM 2,000
Fresh food (fish chicken fish ball etc) RM 2,000
TOTAL : RM 22,350