The Success Story of God's Special Child

Success Stories

Another successful story of this Centre is THIOH SEOW CHIN, 11 years of age, when she was first brought to us. 

She was diagnosed as mentally retarded and her parents had given her up to the Centre to be looked after. We recognized that she was treatable and made arrangements to sent her to Hospital Permai. A mental institution, in Johor Bahru. After 2 months of treatment she was certified as normal and sent home, with follow-up treatments. Now Seow Chin is a healthy normal child going to a normal school and attending classes. It is so gratifying to know that we have helped stir a troubled child to normalcy. Praise God. Her parents are so grateful and happy that they continued to visit us and try to give something so that another child may also be cured in the same way.

This centre is not only a shelter for these children but a hope and a future for them, in that there is always progress and improvement.